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Green Closets: 4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Design & Organization

Your dream closet doesn't have to hurt the environment. Go green with your design and organize your home with Eco-friendly storage solutions with these four simple tips. Tip #1: Use LED Lighting Save energy and your money. When dry fabrics, lint, and dust are combined with the heat from a conventional light bulb, it could create a fire hazard. Go with LED lighting in your closet instead. Advantages of LED Lighting Systems: Low maintenance Cheaper running costs than regular bulbs Energy efficient LED lights don't distort the colors of fabrics These bulbs do not emit dangerous levels of heat Tip

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Small Closet Design: 5 Tips to Organizing within Space

No closet space? No problem. Home and lifestyle blogger, Abby Lawson, shares how working with the small spaces you have is key to utilizing storage solutions and can benefit you. Tip #1: Don't Hoard Your Wardrobe We're all guilty. Luckily we have a system to help. Clothes that just hang in your closet can take up a lot room. It's easier to get dressed with less clothes because it's less of a mess. Go through all your clothes that haven't been worn for awhile. Sort through what doesn't fit and what you probably won't wear anymore. Tip #2: Lists Are

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4 Myths on Closet Organization

Your decluttering doubts debunked. Home decor and organization blogger, Melissa George from Polished Habitat, shares her organizing myths that could be holding you back. Myth #1: Organizing is Expensive Photo Credit: Polished Habitat Truth: Inexpensive supplies can be purchased from the dollar store. You can also reuse/recycle some of your current products. For a new look, create a DIY project with paint and labels to make it fun. Myth #2: Organizing Takes Too Long Start with shirts and onto the next one. Truth: Small and fast changes can actually save you time. Break your closet up into sections for each

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5 Quick Closet Organization Tips from Marie Kondo

If you haven't already read Marie Kondo's 2011 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you should definitely check it out. It provides tons of practical tips for decluttering your home and your life. And it also talks a lot specifically about closet organization as well. So here are some of organization guru Marie Kondo's closet tips. Make sure your closet isn't too full. If it's too full, it'll take forever to pick out an outfit in the morning. You'll have trouble physically getting your stuff out. And nobody wants that. Most people store far too much stuff in their

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Transforming Spare Rooms into Walk In Closets

We had the pleasure of working with one of our clients in Towaco, NJ to design, build and install an incredible walk in closet in one of their spare bedrooms. There were two challenges to work-around for this closet install: 1. An unnecessary window that the client was willing to lose 2. Baseboard heating Solutions: The first challenge was "fixed" by installing a full length shoe wall. The window was covered and still looks like a normal window on the outside. This new arrangement allows for privacy when getting dressed and an enviable amount of shoe storage. In terms

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