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How Do Closet Butler Closets Hold Up After 5 Years?

This week, our client Nancy allowed us to take a few pictures in her home to show off how her Closet Butler closets held up over the years. Here's what we found, along with her favorite functions in her pantry and multiple walk-ins. Q: What made you choose Closet Butler?A: We rebuilt our home about five or six years ago and we wanted to install new closets along with it. I saw an ad for Closet Butler in a Valpak and decided to give their showroom a visit since they're local. I originally planned to just do the pantry,

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Garage Tiles: Good or Bad Investment?

Garage floor tiles can be a valuable investment when purchased carefully. When it comes to remodeling your garage, one of the quickest upgrades can be adding floor tiles to cover unsightly concrete. However, if you skimp on the quality of floor tiles used, you can end up with a wasted investment. Cheaper is never better in this case. Be sure to reach out to a qualified dealer for utility tiles to get durable options that can withstand the wear and tear that's going to occur in such a high traffic area. Garage or utility floor tiles come in a varitey

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Rethinking Pantry Organization: Beautiful or Functional?

Do you prefer a visually appealing pantry or a functional one? Why not both? In 2015, Khloe Kardashian sparked a pantry organizing movement across America and Pinterest went wild. She showed off her impeccably organized pantry and kitchen to followers and we were all impressed. This quickly motivated many to rethink their own pantry organization situation and to re-do it the Khloe way. Watch Khloe's video below: The main issue that many people have with her "KHLO-C-D" meticulously organized pantry is that in the long run, it's difficult to maintain. You'll invest a lot of time and money upfront to

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3 Functional Closet Upgrades That Add Value

If you're looking for closet ideas to implement in your next closet redesign, look no further! There are 3 incredibly functional aspects of closet upgrades that have now become "needs" rather than "wants" when we're designing closets for our clients homes. 1. Outlets Outlets, outlets, outlets! More of them and in more places. Outlets make a huge difference in closets, especially if you have multiple devices that need to be charged. Set aside a tech drawer in your closet to house and charge your essentials. Don't miss out on USB outlets. These are becoming more and more popular and

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Closet Anatomy: Where to hang coats

Storing coats shouldn't be a tough ordeal. According to Marie Kondo's "The Life-changing magic of tidying- up," there is a correct way to hang your clothes... "Hang heavy items on the left side of the closet and light items on the right. Heavy items include those with length, those made from heavier materials, and those dark in color. As you move toward the right side of the closet, the length of the clothing grows shorter, the material thinner, and the color brighter. By category, coats would be on the far left, followed by jackets, pants, skirts and blouses."

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