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Client to Colleague: An Interview with Interior Designer Rachel Steinberg

We recently chatted with Racheli from Decor-By-RS in Passaic, NJ to learn about her journey as a Closet Butler client to working with us.

Our team originally met Rachel in 2016 to design and install a mudroom bench for her previous home in Passaic, NJ. She was not an official interior designer at the time.

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Fast forward when Rachel started her business, she started working on a few projects with Closet Butler designer, Joan, and the two truly enjoyed working together ever since.

Rachel recently moved again in September to New City, NY, and we helped custom design and install a built-in closet for her new home.

Here's how her story with us went.

How did you get started in the interior design and wall covering industry? What were your inspirations?

Interior design came first. I was doing it as a business and saw another need for wall coverings in showrooms because there wasn't much in that area. I took a chance on that and saw an opportunity for growth.

What do you like most about interior design?

I like helping people and making their homes look nice. I accompany their goals, what they want, budget, aesthetics, practicality, functionality, organization, etc.

Can you walk us through your construction process?

I'll sit with a client from the very beginning, send the plans to the architect to develop, prepare the space for renovation, and I'll sometimes get Joan involved if I have any questions for her on decoration. From there, we'll work on the kitchen or bathroom design, and even lighting fixtures.

How did you end up meeting Joan?

Four years ago I needed my bedroom redone and a few closets for my previous home in Passaic, NJ. I decided to give Closet Butler a shot, it came out beautifully, and the rest is history. Joan is so great. I love working with her and all of you.

Closet Butler interior designers (Pictured left to right: Erin & Joan)

What are some common issues you see with your clients when designing their homes? How do you help them overcome those challenges?

The biggest issue is concept. Many times a client will come to me and ask if the design concept is expensive. We'll bring it in so it's within their budget, and that's how we solve that one problem. Another is decision-making. Clients will have a hard time figuring out what's right/wrong, so I'll help them with that as well. Lastly, would be a theme they're trying to achieve. From there, I'll help them pull it together and make sure their vision comes to life

What would you say to someone whose on the fence of reaching out to a professional designer for their home?

Construction is a very big project. If you're redoing something small and know exactly what you want, then it's definitely possible. If it's a new build, it may cost more to hire a designer, but it can save you money in the long run. I've seen this many times where a client comes to me about a color that didn't come out the way they wanted, items in the wrong place, or they weren't sure about the entire process.

Since this is my expertise, I can help with these preemptive tasks. I'll be able to catch these issues right away instead of someone paying to fix these issues in addition to their original project. It relieves them of the time, anxiety, and unnecessary spending. I tell clients I wish they would've come to me from the very beginning.

I also don't need to be hired for the entire project. I can be consultation-based where someone can call me to make sure things are going properly on an hourly-basis. I'm very flexible.

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How was working with Closet Butler again for your new home?

One was an outdoor closet. I didn't want to do a framed one because you'll end up saving 10 to 12 inches of space. That was a small closet for my daughter. The second one was a vanity in the bathroom The contractor was about to close the walls, but we were able to catch him on time!

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I called Joan to design the bathroom pantry in place of the walls. Since I moved in this past September, the house was semi-finished and the closets were already done. Closet Butler really went all out. They were efficient, polite, and working with Joan is great.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Closet Butler is fantastic. Working with Joan is wonderful and she always gets back to me. She'll have ideas that I wouldn't think of, tackle challenges together, and we'll figure out how to maximize the space.

The installation process is always smooth. The installers are polite and clean. When they arrive, the room will look like they were never there when it's finished.

To me, that's especially important because the contractors will reach out ot me upset if the workspace is a mess. That's a big plus as well.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Rachel. We look forward to collaborating on more projects with you in the future.

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