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NJ Office Space Design: 5 Storage Tips

Your home office should go way beyond official business purposes. So maximize your workspace and streamline productivity with custom furniture. Here are some tips to design your personal and professional space in the comfort of your home. 1. Allow for natural light and a view. Make some room for some sunlight. Working in an office means looking at a computer screen for long periods of time which can be straining on the eyes. And artificial light doesn't really help with this at all. When creating a workspace at home, make sure there's a window to provide some natural light. This

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NJ Closet Installation Guide: What to Expect

Whether you're building a brand new home or you're just in need of a room makeover, you should know how to prepare for a professional closet installation. So we asked our design team to help put together a guide to show you the process from initial concept to completion. Here's what to expect. What preparation should I do beforehand? You'll want to be able to explain in detail the type of room you're looking to remodel, the goals within the space, and any unique requests. You'll also want to get the dimensions of the space. If you're not sure how

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5 Benefits to Murphy Bed Designs in NJ

What is a Murphy Bed? Murphy beds are designed to save space during the day and provide storage that can free up closets and drawers which you can use for other belongings. These beds fold up into the wall to give you more space in your room for more purpose and is perfect when you're short on traditional guest space. Murphy beds can be integrated into home offices, dens, and hidden as storage cabinets. Here's a breakdown to some of the benefits of this modern and trendy sleeping space. 1.) Maximized living space without taking up room. Not everyone has

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Storage for Two: 5 Tips to Organize a Shared Space

Whether it's a closet, a kitchen, or a home office you're sharing, make the most of your space so you and your spouse are both happy. Here are five tips to get you on track. 1. Keep your belongings separate (when possible) A Closet Butler-designed his and her home office. One of the most common mistakes is not separating belongings because it's a shared room or common space. This can cause a broken organizational system and add clutter. Designate each section of the space to have a specific function. This is especially important if one partner has much more stuff

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A Home Office for Two: Before & After

We recently had the pleasure of working with a wonderful couple in Woodland Park, NJ to makeover their existing home office. They're both working professionals and their previous home office furtinure wasn't able to store all of their office-related belongings. We needed to create new built-in furtniture that would be used as storage, desk space, seating by the window, and more and more storage. The space The room was already an ideal size since it's a designated den but it needed more closed-off storage (both hidden and seen) and to be more functional. Our clients work from home so

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