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Design Options

The accessories, hardware, and design options available to design the custom storage system of your dreams.


Our 3 most common drawer styles for our customers including soft-close, standard and dovetail boxes.

Drawer Option 1: Standard Box with Standard glide side mounts

Drawer Option 2: Maple Plywood drawer box with soft close side mounts

Drawer Option 3: Dovetailed Maple drawer box with soft close undermounts



Crescent Handles

Bar Pulls

Coat Hooks

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Clothing Rods

Pants Rack

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Shoe Displays

Shoe Fences

Belt, Tie, Valet

Belt Racks

Tie Racks

Closet Valet Rods

Scarf Racks

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Hamper & Laundry

LED Lighting

Conventional light bulbs in your closet can be a recipe for disaster. Dry fabrics, lint, and dust when combined with the heat from a light source create a fire hazard that is too serious for any home owner to neglect. Closet Butler emphasizes a safe and affordable solution to this dangerous situation, and now offers NJ closet LED lighting.

Advantages of LED Lighting sytems:

  • Low maintenance
  • Cheaper running costs than regular bulbs
  • Energy efficient
  • LED lights don't distort the colors of fabrics
  • These bulbs do not emit dangerous levels of heat

Jewelry, Watches & Eyewear Storage

Pantry Accessories

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are designed to save space during the day or provide storage that can free up closets and drawers that you can use for other things. Perfect when you're short on tradtional guest space. Murphy Beds can be integrated into home offices, den's and hidden as storage cabinets.

Murphy Bed

Utility Accessories

Baseboard/Radiant Heating Cover

Have radiators or baseboard heating in your closet? We can create a custom cover to match with your closet design.

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