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Green Closets: 4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Design & Organization

Your dream closet doesn't have to hurt the environment. Go green with your design and organize your home with Eco-friendly storage solutions with these four simple tips.

Tip #1: Use LED Lighting

Save energy and your money.

When dry fabrics, lint, and dust are combined with the heat from a conventional light bulb, it could create a fire hazard. Go with LED lighting in your closet instead.

Advantages of LED Lighting Systems:

  • Low maintenance
  • Cheaper running costs than regular bulbs
  • Energy efficient
  • LED lights don't distort the colors of fabrics
  • These bulbs do not emit dangerous levels of heat

Tip #2: Use Non-Toxic Paint and Wood

Go formaldehyde-free.

Formaldehyde is found in many homes, usually as an adhesive used in cheaper pressed wood products. It can be released into the air and cause all sorts of health issues. So use high quality materials to avoid this risk.

Reduce air pollution by choosing a low volatile organic compound (VOC) with your building materials. This will reduce odors and toxins into the air as a healthier lifestyle option.

Tip #3: Reusable Storage Organizers

Ditch the plastic for more durable and safe materials.

Many plastic storage solutions contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical harmful to your health. So instead of plastic, organize your belongings with stainless steel, glass, and/or canvas fabrics.

Whether in the laundry room, the closet, or the kitchen pantry, these materials can all be recycled, making them a much greener solution.

Tip #4: Use Recycled Wood

No need to cut down more trees to build a closet.

From Maple to Cherry, there are recycled wood options available for most tree types. Recycled or reclaimed wood is made from wood that has already been milled. Not only is recycled wood Eco-friendly, but it offers other advantages too.

Since it's made from the wood of older trees, the recycled wood tends to be more dense than newer wood. Some even appreciate the vintage-aged look it has once finished.

We are not affiliated with big name modular closet brands, so cater to our client's unique styles. We'll deliver the custom closet of your dreams while being mindful to the environment.

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