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Conquering Clutter: A Closet Collaboration in Mahwah, NJ

Last month our team worked with Jenneen Ameres, a professional home organizer and owner of Conquer Your Clutter, to revamp her client's master walk-in closet in Mahwah, NJ. The client's closet had old wire shelving, the cabinetry was falling down and there were several spots of wasted wall space, so Jenneen was called in to help. That's also where we came in. Our installers ripped out the old closet system and put in all new white cabinetry. From there, Jenneen reorganized the entire house including two floors, the basement, and the garage. We recently caught up with Jenneen to learn

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NJ Custom Closets: 5 Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lights have become the preferred light source option for upscale closets. Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they are clearly the superior option and offer many key benefits. Here are five reasons to switch over now. 1. Low maintenance No need to replace a bulb as frequently. LED bulbs last longer than conventional lighting. That means less replacement. A traditional incandescent lasts about 1,000 hours. Energy-saving incandescent bulbs last up to 3,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps last 10,000 hours. LED lights can live for up to 25,000 hours. 2. Energy efficient Go green with your lighting. LED bulbs

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Toddler to Teenage Closets: 7 Repurposing Design Tips

Children outgrow clothes, but they don't have to outgrow your closet. The key is to design a storage space that grows with them overtime. These long-term tips will highlight how to organize with versatility. Tip #1: Use Bookshelves Bookshelves are timeless. Toddler: Begin at floor and lower-level storage, by using open shelves for frequent items they use/play with such as books, toys, and games. The upper-level should focus on storage such as seasonal clothing, special items, and blankets. As your child grows, gradually expand their storage space for school items such as sports equipment and supplies. Teenage: Maximize the entire

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3 Functional Closet Upgrades That Add Value

If you're looking for closet ideas to implement in your next closet redesign, look no further! There are 3 incredibly functional aspects of closet upgrades that have now become "needs" rather than "wants" when we're designing closets for our clients homes. 1. Outlets Outlets, outlets, outlets! More of them and in more places. Outlets make a huge difference in closets, especially if you have multiple devices that need to be charged. Set aside a tech drawer in your closet to house and charge your essentials. Don't miss out on USB outlets. These are becoming more and more popular and

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What's Trending for Closets in 2017? The Answer Might Surprise You

When you're looking at photos and catalogs for closet inspiration and thinking about your closet renovation, a common question comes up — "what's everyone else doing?" and "what's trending?" We asked our in-house interior designer, Erin, for some insight on what's trending with closets. If you're expecting to hear about counter-tops and wood styles, you might be surprised with her answer. "Everybody comes in looking for something different. It's all personal preference." So whats trending for closets in 2017? Custom, personalized, made just for you, closets! There's no reason to be pigeonholed into a generic closet style anymore (and

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