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Upgrade Your Garage With Custom Cabinets

Don't wait until spring to clean and organize your home. In the fall we transition from outdoor to indoor activities. This makes for the perfect time to re-organize the outside and inside of your home --- starting with your garage.

One of the quickest and valuable upgrades you can make in your home is to install custom cabinets in your garage. Installing cabinets in your garage makes it easy to de-clutter, safely store tools, and prioritize what belongs in your garage.

De-clutter first

Once Autumn rolls around, all of your summer outdoor equipment tends to migrate indoors and quickly creates clutter on the floor of your garage. Before you know it, it's been weeks (maybe even months) since you've parked your car in the garage, defying the sole purpose garages were even created.

In order to get make room for your car(s), take the time with your family to go through any old storage boxes and bins that ended up in your garage. Donate items your family no longer needs and you'll reap the benefit of free space in it's place.

Garages exist to protect your vehicle, not your pool toys

Unfortunately, your car is at risk of physical damage when left outside on the street or even in your driveway. With the winter months approaching, it's even more important to make room for your car in your garage. No one likes waiting in the cold for their frozen car to warm up, so keep it indoors and you'll save yourself at least a few minutes from being in the cold.

You also won't have to worry about cleaning snow off your car since it will be indoors. Sure, you'll have to shovel the driveway still but you would have to do that anyway --- unless, you install a heated driveway like the Parikh family in Paramus, NJ.

Closet Butler had the pleasure of working with the Parikh family to install their custom solid wood, FSC certified closets in their home.

Once your garage has been cleaned out, you can prioritize adding in storage solutions, such as custom cabinets, and you can finally take advantage of floor-to-ceiling storage.

Install the right size cabinets for your garage

Not all garages are created equal. Some are made to fit one car while others have ample room for 2 or 3 cars. Work with a trusted professional to plan and design your cabinet system properly.

Safely store power tools

Some power tools can be dangerous, not to mention unsighlty, when left out in the open. Once your tools are stored behind closed doors, you reduce the chances of someone tripping over wires or stepping on a fallen nail. A streamlined display of closed cabinet doors with clean surfaces also elimates the visual stress of having clutter on display in your garage too.

Ditch the tire stack

If you need to keep an extra set of tires around, either as a backup or for the winter, install a tire rack in your cabinets to keep them off the floor. This takes advantage of cabinet space and enhances the streamlined effect of your garage.

Photo by Closet Butler

The image above shows off the streamlined effect that can be achieved with matching cabinets, slatwall, and a tire rack to store off-season tires. The space is now clean and even more functional.

Photo by Garage Solutions, Inc

Display Sports Equipment

Use display hooks to hang snowboards, skis, kayaks, or gear you want to store safely off the ground. Not only does this take advantage of your empty wall space but it's nice to look at too.

Display your Tools

Slatwalls and pegboards are the perfect solution to hardware storage needs. They help with organization and save you time because you'll always know where you put something and can easily see what's missing from your collection.

Pro Tip:

There are certain things you should NOT store in your garage. Be sure to remove these from your garage to avoid any health or safety hazards in your home.

  • Propane: Propane should always be stored in a well-ventilated area so a frequently closed-off zone like your garage is not the best storage area.
  • Canned food: You risk losing quality if your canned goods become frozen in the winter or heat up too much in the summer. It's better to keep your canned goods near your kitchen in a designated pantry, where it is well insulated from potentially harsh weather conditions.
  • Pet food: Just like paint cans and canned food, you risk spoilage with extreme heat conditions. An added risk with storing pet food in the garage is that it attracts raccoons and mice to enter your garage.
  • Paint cans: extreme cold or heat can expire your paint quicker - making it unable to be used in the future. Cans also rust faster on cement floors instead of when they are stored on a shelf.

If you're interested in adding custom cabinets in your garage, contact us for a free in-home consultation! We'll create 3D model images for you and will guide you through the process to build your dream garage.

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