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5 Benefits to Murphy Bed Designs in NJ

What is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are designed to save space during the day and provide storage that can free up closets and drawers which you can use for other belongings. These beds fold up into the wall to give you more space in your room for more purpose and is perfect when you're short on traditional guest space. Murphy beds can be integrated into home offices, dens, and hidden as storage cabinets. Here's a breakdown to some of the benefits of this modern and trendy sleeping space.

1.) Maximized living space without taking up room.

Not everyone has the space to have a guest bedroom in their home or apartment. When you own a house, you need to maximize every inch of storage you have. This can make it difficult to keep an entire room empty for the four times a year you might have company over, and ideal for when you don't need to take up more room for bed space. With these wall beds, you're able to build more function without cluttering.

2.) It provides practical flexibility.

Murphy beds provide the solution by folding into the wall to allow you to store items underneath or to open up more space in any room. Organize your spare bedroom with our custom Murphy beds while still keeping a functioning bed for when you need it. This type of furniture gives you more options than a traditional bed.

3.) Helps eliminate clutter.

Every home is different, so if you purchase a Murphy bed at a store, that could create a risk that you will end up with just as much awkward clutter as before. Our custom approach can be installed anywhere for any need by freeing up the space on an individualized scale. This makes each bed we build perfectly suited for the home we are putting it into.

4.) Ideal for small living spaces

If you live in an urban area, you realize that finding space may be difficult. There may not be a lot of room in your apartment and it only gets worse as you acquire more furniture and other possessions. These wall beds are the perfect solution with their folding feature so you can use your room during the daytime and still have a bed during the nighttime.

5.) It creates additional storage space.

By creating a walk-in closet you will have ample room to store all of your clothes, shoes, and jewelry. These beds not only fold up into the wall to save space, but also provide storage that can free up closets and drawers to be used for other items. When it comes time to unfolding the bed from the wall, you don't need to unpack everything from the Murphy bed. Everything you stored away within the Murphy bed can stay there without even getting damaged. What once felt like a cramped space will now seem like a large open area with infinite space.

Our custom Murphy beds are always individualized for our customers, so that no matter what wall or floor anchoring you need done, it will be perfectly fitted for the storage space you need. These beds are the next step in having extra space in any room.

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