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Storage for Two: 5 Tips to Organize a Shared Space

Whether it's a closet, a kitchen, or a home office you're sharing, make the most of your space so you and your spouse are both happy. Here are five tips to get you on track.

1. Keep your belongings separate (when possible)

A Closet Butler-designed his and her home office.

One of the most common mistakes is not separating belongings because it's a shared room or common space. This can cause a broken organizational system and add clutter. Designate each section of the space to have a specific function. This is especially important if one partner has much more stuff than the other.

2. Organize together

Organize the shared space together to avoid missing or mixed up items. Although each person has their own side of the storage, working together on organization creates a cohesive system that will help prevent confusion.

3. Use built-in shelves

Create space within a shared space.

Sometimes there just isn't much space available. But that doesn't have to limit you. Built-in shelves are a great way to store and organize your wardrobe. Read more about storage solutions for small spaces.

4. Make more room with pull-out racks

Shared space doesn't stop at the closet.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but the same smart storage strategies can also be applied to your bedroom. Pull-out racks are a great way to store accessories and shoes in a closet, for example.

5. Use dead space effectively

This is common in many households.

Dead space is the open area within the house that goes unnoticed as a storage option. Some examples would be on top of your cabinets and empty walls that could be used for wall mounts or extra shelving. These areas can sometimes fit an extra cabinet or two without adding visual clutter.

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