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NJ Custom Closets: 5 Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lights have become the preferred light source option for upscale closets. Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they are clearly the superior option and offer many key benefits. Here are five reasons to switch over now.

1. Low maintenance

No need to replace a bulb as frequently.

LED bulbs last longer than conventional lighting. That means less replacement. A traditional incandescent lasts about 1,000 hours. Energy-saving incandescent bulbs last up to 3,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps last 10,000 hours. LED lights can live for up to 25,000 hours.

2. Energy efficient

Go green with your lighting.

LED bulbs require less wattage than conventional light bulbs, and therefore require less energy to function. LED light technology uses anywhere from 25-80% less energy than traditional incandescents. This means real savings on your electric bill.

3. Affordable pricing

Save energy and your money.

The savings on your electric bill quickly offsets the costs of installation, making them the more economical choice.

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4. No color distortion

No more getting confused if clothes are navy blue or black.

LEDs shine with white light instead of yellow. This makes them easier on the eyes and gives your closet a really bright, modern, classy look. It also makes it easier to pick out your clothes in the morning.

5. No dangerous levels of heat

No fire hazards.

Conventional light bulbs can be hazardous. When combined with heat from a light source, dry fabrics, lint, and dust can catch fire and cause a risk that's too serious for any homeowner to neglect. LED bulbs don't emit high levels of heat, making them a safer option.

So there are our five reasons you should go with LED lighting in your closet.

Closet Butler offers LED lighting services with all our project installs. Have questions about custom closets in New Jersey? We're happy to help.

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