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Toddler to Teenage Closets: 7 Repurposing Design Tips

Children outgrow clothes, but they don't have to outgrow your closet.

The key is to design a storage space that grows with them overtime. These long-term tips will highlight how to organize with versatility.

Tip #1: Use Bookshelves

Bookshelves are timeless.

Toddler: Begin at floor and lower-level storage, by using open shelves for frequent items they use/play with such as books, toys, and games. The upper-level should focus on storage such as seasonal clothing, special items, and blankets. As your child grows, gradually expand their storage space for school items such as sports equipment and supplies.

Teenage: Maximize the entire space by transferring out toys and games for a more detailed wardrobe. Add some wall mounts for decoration, and accessories so they can personalize their room.

Tip #2: Storage Solutions for Two

Sharing a space can be made easily.

Toddler: Color coordinate their bins and closet organizers as an easy and fun system to follow. This keeps their belongings from getting mixed together.

Teenage: Continue the color coordination by painting the insides of their closets. Add shoe hangers on the doors and mirrors inside each closet to help with getting-ready morning routines. Use dividers for to create space within in the shared space.

Tip #3: Utilize the Entire Space

The secret is vertical storage.

Toddler: Take the closet doors off so it's easier for children to clean. They can use this method as motivation to maintain neatness because it doesn't hide mess.

Teenage: If taking the doors off, add curtains for a decorative touch while making the room appear more clean. Check out our blog for more tips about utilizing small space storage.

Tip #4: Closet Organizers

These are the tools to organizing.

Toddler: Use pull-out hampers as a solution to separating outgrown clothes and dirty laundry. It can also be used as another storage space for toys.

Teenage: It's common that the floor becomes filled with both clean and dirty clothes at this age. Use a pull-out laundry basket so they can keep a simple laundry system and keep the floor clear by having it directly inside of their closet.

Tip #5: Plan Your Space

Parents get homework too.

Toddler: Toys are known to be the biggest culprit of a child's mess. Organize each space to be easily accessible. From younger ages, use open and labeled bins with pictures, so they can go in and out frequently without any work. Overtime, put the lids back on and label with names to create great organizational routines.

Teenage: With more independence to organize and fill their own closets, it's key to create a system that's easily manageable for them to follow in order to prevent clutter. Assign space for school, social, and decorative belongings with name-labeled bins. Each section should have a specific function.

Tip #6: Get Creative

Make room for creativity and inspiration.

Toddler: Add cubby corner storage and throw a cushion on top for comfort. This makes a great way to balance organization with imagination. The area can be used for many activities such as playing and reading.

Teenage: The cubby corner can later be used as a social and study corner. This unique design is practical and innovative while adding storage space for more belongings.

Tip #7: Readjustable Design

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Toddler: Add pegboard walls and start your design lower, this way shelves can easily be moved higher as your child grows.

Teenage: Add, remove, and move around shelves easily with pegboard walls since they will develop a new wardrobe often. This storage system will keep up and adapt to match their new styles overtime.

We can custom fit your storage system to make the process easier on you, and as cohesive as possible.

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