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5 Tips for a Neat Closet

When it comes to keeping your closet neat and efficient, using a few tricks can go a long way in keeping your clutter at bay.

1. Everything must have its place... or it must go

Get in the habit of going through your wardrobe every season and donating the clothes you haven't worn or can't currently fit into.

With the rise of fast fashion, more and more people are overwhelmed with the amount of clothing they have in their closet. Taking the time to go through can help keep your mind on more important things.

If you're holding onto things that you're not willing to let go but don't have enough room for in your closet, it might be time to relocate them to another storage area of your home.

2. Cabinet doors are your friend

Adding cabinet doors can help keep the less organized parts of your closet hidden behind closed doors. It's a simple solution for when you're not always organized and need to hide your daily used utilities.

Cabinet doors are also great for keeping everything you don't want directly out on display, like socks, boxers, and belts.

3. Get a tech drawer

Adding outlets to your drawers is a great way to combine tech and organization. Keep your cords tucked away in drawers so your surfaces are clear. This will help with the appearance of your closet and keep cords safely in one place.

4. Hide your Hamper

Don't keep your dirty laundry on display and don't let a bin take up valuable floor space. With hidden hampers, you can keep your laundry out of sight and your floors tidy.

5. Make your shoes a focal point

Adding a shoe wall or shoe cubbies is a great way to display all of the shoes you have. Consider rotating the ones you want to wear more often at eye level as a reminder. Treat this display as an attraction and keep your most prized shoes on display up top and off the floor where they are easily overlooked.

Make your closet and storage spaces work for you. When you stick with a routine of keeping the space clear of laundry, surfaces clean and cords out of the way, your space should maintain it's tidiness.

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