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NJ Custom Closets: 5 Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lights have become the preferred light source option for upscale closets. Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, they are clearly the superior option and offer many key benefits. Here are five reasons to switch over now. 1. Low maintenance No need to replace a bulb as frequently. LED bulbs last longer than conventional lighting. That means less replacement. A traditional incandescent lasts about 1,000 hours. Energy-saving incandescent bulbs last up to 3,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps last 10,000 hours. LED lights can live for up to 25,000 hours. 2. Energy efficient Go green with your lighting. LED bulbs

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Green Closets: 4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Design & Organization

Your dream closet doesn't have to hurt the environment. Go green with your design and organize your home with Eco-friendly storage solutions with these four simple tips. Tip #1: Use LED Lighting Save energy and your money. When dry fabrics, lint, and dust are combined with the heat from a conventional light bulb, it could create a fire hazard. Go with LED lighting in your closet instead. Advantages of LED Lighting Systems: Low maintenance Cheaper running costs than regular bulbs Energy efficient LED lights don't distort the colors of fabrics These bulbs do not emit dangerous levels of heat Tip

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Transforming Spare Rooms into Walk In Closets

We had the pleasure of working with one of our clients in Towaco, NJ to design, build and install an incredible walk in closet in one of their spare bedrooms. There were two challenges to work-around for this closet install: 1. An unnecessary window that the client was willing to lose 2. Baseboard heating Solutions: The first challenge was "fixed" by installing a full length shoe wall. The window was covered and still looks like a normal window on the outside. This new arrangement allows for privacy when getting dressed and an enviable amount of shoe storage. In terms

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Bringing European Style to New Jersey

Our client in Wanaque, NJ came to us with a unique need: a spacious addition, with 2 large windows on 2 opposite walls, and the desire for a centered wardrobe. They're an international couple who wanted to bring features of their favorite European hotel rooms to their home in Northern New Jersey. Not only was this a unique design for us, but one that needed a lot of careful planning to incorporate a large wardrobe in the center of the room. The walk in closet was destined to house both His & Hers halves of storage space. Our client was

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Accomodating Baseboard Heating in Closet Designs

With the growing popularity of master suites, many homeowners are transforming their spare bedrooms into their ideal walk-in closets that their homes weren't originally built with. One of the challenges that comes into play when transforming these rooms is baseboard heating. It's an advantage to keep your baseboard heating intact for warmth but how do you keep your heater and your new wardrobe protected at the same time? Since we offer custom carpentry for all of our closet designs, we're able to accommodate these design challenges and make them work for homeowners. Our design allows for heat to be

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