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New Home, New Closets: An Interview with Kathy from Ramsey, NJ

This week we caught up with Kathy W. from Ramsey, NJ, a self described "true-believer in organization" to talk about her recent closet installation project with Closet Butler. What were you looking to accomplish when you first reached out to Closet Butler? Organization. We just built a brand new house this year. In our past home of 22 years, we eventually had closet organizers put in long after we had built the home. This time around I told my husband, "On day one we're getting closet organizers... as soon as we move in." What was your initial contact with

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5 Benefits to Murphy Bed Designs in NJ

What is a Murphy Bed? Murphy beds are designed to save space during the day and provide storage that can free up closets and drawers which you can use for other belongings. These beds fold up into the wall to give you more space in your room for more purpose and is perfect when you're short on traditional guest space. Murphy beds can be integrated into home offices, dens, and hidden as storage cabinets. Here's a breakdown to some of the benefits of this modern and trendy sleeping space. 1.) Maximized living space without taking up room. Not everyone has

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10 Closet Storage Hacks for 2019

Having ample storage room doesn't have to be reserved for people with huge houses and rooms upon rooms of space for shoes, clothes, coats, and other items. It's possible in any size home, apartment, or business. Below we've compiled a list of ten nifty ways you can optimize your storage space and get the most out of your closets (and your space) this new year. 1.) Use multi-purpose tie hangers. Credit: Melissa Ivey Wetherbee Use a tie hanger for tank tops or dresses to keep them flat and against the wall. If you're using this hanger for ties, push it

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4 Benefits of Using an Independent NJ Closet Manufacturer

From Home Depot, Lowes, and California Closets, it can be overwhelming to pick the right choice. However, going with a family-owned closet manufacturer instead of a well-known franchise can be the best fit for you. With so many options nowadays to revamp your home, we decided to help break down this process. Here are four reasons why. 1.) A more personable approach. Private custom closet companies will measure the dimensions of the space you want redone. They understand that details such as, how high off the ground a radiator is effects the shelving, are all key aspects you wouldn't think

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5 Tips to Fill Dead Storage Space

What is "dead" storage space? It's space in your home that typically goes unnoticed as an option to use for storage. You'll often find dead storage space in rooms with unique shapes, bedroom corners, and upper-level areas. But if you take advantage of your dead space for storage you can free up so much room to enjoy in the rest of your home. So eliminate the clutter and create a more open room with these five storage solutions. 1. Accent the shape of the room. Curved cabinets go along the corners. When placing furniture, considering the shape of the

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