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5 Ways Custom Cabinetry Makes Your Life Easier

A custom closet is more than an area to keep your belongings. It's a supportive tool that simplifies and transforms your way of living more than the standard options that come with your home. Here are five reasons why. 1.) Organization is key to an efficient home. There's no need to look for belongings when you always know where they are. This means less time is taken away from your busy life by streamlining organization in your every day routine. 2.) Takes advantage of space. A small room doesn't mean you can't have a storage system. Optimize your bedrooms

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Walk-In Closet Makeover in Fair Lawn, NJ: A Conversation with Jaclyn

This month, we sat down with Jaclyn B. from Fair Lawn, NJ, to talk about her recent master walk-in closet installation and to find out why it's her new favorite room in the house. What were you looking for when you reached out to Closet Butler? We had a walk-in closet but it was quite small, so we built a larger space and we were looking to design a closet that would really organize things for my husband and myself, and have a really great layout for us. How was your first contact with Closet Butler? Did you call

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New Home, New Closets: An Interview with Kathy from Ramsey, NJ

This week we caught up with Kathy W. from Ramsey, NJ, a self described "true-believer in organization" to talk about her recent closet installation project with Closet Butler. What were you looking to accomplish when you first reached out to Closet Butler? Organization. We just built a brand new house this year. In our past home of 22 years, we eventually had closet organizers put in long after we had built the home. This time around I told my husband, "On day one we're getting closet organizers... as soon as we move in." What was your initial contact with

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4 Mudroom Organization Tips in NJ

Already have a mudroom? Thinking of putting one in? Organizing this active area can be tricky. But a few cabinetry tricks can help you make the most of this commonly cluttered space. 1.) Create custom cubbies. Custom cubbies and sections can keep the whole family's belongings in check. Knowing where everyone's coats and shoes are makes the morning routine a breeze. A lot of dirty work gets done in the mudroom and it can be difficult to keep it clutter-free. But a smart storage system combines form and function to make any mudroom feel clean. 2.) Make room for an

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Walk-In vs. Reach-In Closets

The topic of different closet types comes up often so we thought it would be worth it to bring up here on the blog. A lot of people simply haven't heard the words "reach-in closets" so it's not really a concept that they think about when we ask what type of closet they're planning on renovating. Walk-Ins: Walk-In Closets are additional rooms with enough space on the sides/walls to have a clear path for walking or standing that isn't utilized for shelving, show walls, cabinets, drawers, or clothing rods. Reach-Ins: Reach-In Closets are the type of closet that you can

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