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10 Hacks to Get the Most out of Your Laundry Room

Your efficient Laundry Room is just a few hacks away! Continue reading to learn our cost effective tips on how to make the most out of your Laundry space starting today. 1. Use matching containers Find matching containers to house all of your laundry products so that all of your products look cohesive and sleek. Stick with glass or clear plastic containers with lockable lids for child and pet safety. Photo by Well-Designed Interiors You can find matching containers to hold: Powder Detergent Detergent Pods Stain remover pens Safety pins for socks (more on that, below!) 2. Install an

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Fast Fashion: Bad for your Closet and your Wallet

The Fashion Struggle is Real With the recent rise of Fast Fashion, we've become more and more accustomed to buying "trendy" clothing for cheap and feel less remorse about tossing it after a few months. After all, it's out of style and of poor quality anyway. People become unhappy with their current wardrobe and end up not wearing the majority of what's in their closet. So what is this phenomenon of Fast Fashion? What is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is the process of minimizing the time an article of clothing is seen on the runway to getting mass-produced and

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Why it’s Crucial to Buy Closet Materials from a Reputable Manufacturer

In March 2015, an episode of 60 Minutes hosted by Anderson Cooper uncovered excessive formaldehyde levels in laminate flooring from popular manufacture Lumber Liquidators. The particle board used for the laminate flooring failed to meet U.S. industry standards. Although Lumber Liquidators is a U.S. company, its particle boards and laminate flooring are made in China, where it did not uphold the industry and safety standards that we expect in the U.S and by California Air Resource Board (CARB) for formaldehyde levels. The result? Thousands of customers were exposed to potentially dangerous materials in their homes --- putting themselves and their

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Upgrade Your Garage With Custom Cabinets

Don't wait until spring to clean and organize your home. In the fall we transition from outdoor to indoor activities. This makes for the perfect time to re-organize the outside and inside of your home --- starting with your garage. One of the quickest and valuable upgrades you can make in your home is to install custom cabinets in your garage. Installing cabinets in your garage makes it easy to de-clutter, safely store tools, and prioritize what belongs in your garage. De-clutter first Once Autumn rolls around, all of your summer outdoor equipment tends to migrate indoors and quickly creates

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5 Reasons You Should Put Custom Closets in Your Home

If you don't take the time to organize your home and closets, you will always waste time searching for what you need. We all have stuff that lies around the house collecting dust and creating clutter. No matter how hard you try, it seems that things get thrown into closets and drawers just to sit on the floor until it is time for spring cleaning again. If there was a better way to organize all of your "stuff," would you? Custom closets are the solution. There are many benefits to designing and installing a custom closet in your home, including

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