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5 Quick Closet Organization Tips from Marie Kondo

If you haven't already read Marie Kondo's 2011 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you should definitely check it out. It provides tons of practical tips for decluttering your home and your life. And it also talks a lot specifically about closet organization as well. So here are some of organization guru Marie Kondo's closet tips. Make sure your closet isn't too full. If it's too full, it'll take forever to pick out an outfit in the morning. You'll have trouble physically getting your stuff out. And nobody wants that. Most people store far too much stuff in their

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How Do Closet Butler Closets Hold Up After 5 Years?

This week, our client Nancy allowed us to take a few pictures in her home to show off how her Closet Butler closets held up over the years. Here's what we found, along with her favorite functions in her pantry and multiple walk-ins. Q: What made you choose Closet Butler?A: We rebuilt our home about five or six years ago and we wanted to install new closets along with it. I saw an ad for Closet Butler in a Valpak and decided to give their showroom a visit since they're local. I originally planned to just do the pantry,

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